Type: ERC-20

KPY Utility: “Incentivizing Education,” via Rebate on Designated Services provided by Keypay platform

KPY Token = 1 Rebate

The Rebate: 25% off Keypay platform Trading Service Commissions and P2P Loan Support Service Commissions

Sale: bundle of 10 KPY for $1

Availability: Keypay Platform only

Maximum Unit Purchase: 10,000

Subscription Threshold: 10,000 KPY

Subscription Benefits:

Keypay Telegram Group membership, where members will receive the first news about new coins introduced on the Keypay exchange; the first news about new services the KPY rebates can be used for; and the first news of new Keypay alternative finance productsas they are added to the Keypay platform.

Proof of Work

On the Keypay platform, the user can from his personal secure dashboard access ANY and ALL identified DS.


The Keypay platform is registered and licensed for cryptocurrency in the Republic of Estonia, as KeyPay Global OÜ, and licensed to provide services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency with license number FVR000686; and licensed to provide a virtual currency wallet service number FRK000594.

KPY Utility

Keypay believes in decentralization; putting banking back in the hands of the people; freedom! That's why Keypay is offering rebates through the KPY token on two of the hottest sectors in crypto right now: trading and P2P Loans. More on these markets later, but first let's just look at the utility value of learning how to execute trades and offer P2P loans.

Crypto is the Future

The global economy is made up of future traders, whether they know it yet or not. Some 1/5th of Generation Z are totally comfortable with the idea of digital assets, and they stand to inherit some 68 trillion in assets in the next 25 years, according to leading Bitcoin investment firm Greyscale.

Digital Currency Normalization

For context, Greyscale estimates that 36% of the population in America are willing to invest in leading crypto-asset Bitcoin, representing a sum total of 21 million investors (that's only in America!). To galvanize this group, Greyscale says in their own words that we agree with “education is key.”

Knowledge is Power

Most anyone in the blockchain space knows that this is a learning stage in the very early embryonic period of the era of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology it is built upon.

Incoming Fundamental Skills

In order for the world to use cryptocurrency, everyone is going to either on their own or with the help of a professional do two things: 1) buy cryptocurrency and 2) trade it. That is because the system of paying with cryptocurrencies is far easier, —once you know how..

The Crypto Eco-System

Cryptocurrency is on its way to becoming one decentralized global payment eco-system, faster and with far lower fees--with all transactions immutably transparent to the world on public ledgers.

Get Paid to Learn

By providing rebateson the most common crypto-transactions, KPY lets you earn while you learn to transact cryptocurrency on blockchain technology.

Preparing the Next Generations

This does more than just engage users; this familiarizes and conditions the entire ecosystem of Keypay users to the present and future standard for transactions and transfers.

Calling Early Adapters

The first step is learning to trade crypto and exchange your fiat for it.

The Advantage of Learning P2P

KPY also incentivizes another vital function of the new financial world made optimized by blockchain technology: how to extend (and receive) P2P Loans.

KPY Ends Loan Shaming

You know all those times you asked your friends for a loan; or vice versa? Or needed some quick cash for an investment but didn't have time or faith in going to the bank for a loan, including credit check, paperwork and sneers?Or all those times you wanted to make money lending the way the banks do?

With a P2P Loan, all you have to do is log into Keypay.

MakeMoney Lending

No P2P loan is too small; no P2P loan is too large. But they all can be set up and executed in a matter of minutes, in fully secure an safe environment that the Keypay platform provides.

KPY’s Dynamic Discount

And Keypay is sharing its commissions with you--as you learn how this works, and you learn how to set up good mutually beneficial loans.

KPY Trade Rebate

Whether you have made 1 trade of 500, whether the trade is for $1 or for $1 million: when you use KPY you will get a 25% rebate on the .25% commission you pay to Keypayfor supporting your trade on the Keypay platform.

KPY P2P Loan Rebate

As for the P2P Loan: no matter how large or small; whatever the final terms; when you use KPY you will get a 25% rebate on the 10% commission you pay to Keypay for supporting the completion of your loan on the Keypay platform.

Learn the value of cryptocurrency as you become master of your financial future--with KPY.

DS1: Buying Cryptocurrency with Fiat (a.k.a. Fiat-Crypto Trade, or Trading)

Keypay Commission on fiat-crypto purchase: 0.25%

KPY Rebate: 25% on commission for Fiat-Crypto trading support.

DS2: Trading One Type of Cryptocurrency for Another Type of Cryptocurrency (a.k.a. crypto-crypto trading, a.k.a. “pairing”)

Keypay Commission on crypto-crypto trade: 0.25%

KPY Rebate: 25% on commission for Crypto-Crypto trading support.

Rebate Benefits per Purchase

1 KPY Purchase = $1 = 25% of 4 / .0025 (= “.25% keypay trading commission”) = Total Trading Volume of $1600

meaning that across the maximum of ten trades the 10 KPY can be used for, $1600 worth of trades is the minimum cumulative trading volume necessary for the buyer to get his or her money back on the original purchase price of $1 for 10 KPY.

SAVINGS on Trades

To determine savings the KPY provides for Trading Service commissions, we have to first determine the total discount in $ that the KPY purchaser achieves from using the rebates on trading commissions.

Discount on Keypay Trading Commissions

.0025 of Total Trading Volume = Keypay Commission on trades .25 of trading volume commission = Rebate on Trading Commissions

4P / .0025 x (cumulative trading volume of up to 10 trades to which rebates are applied) = TOTAL SAVINGS FROM KEYPAY TRADING COMMISIONS

(NOTE: we multiplied the purchase price P by 4 to reflect the 25% rebate which each KPY provides)

Savings on Keypay Trading Commissions

4P / .0025 x (cumulative trading volume of up to 10 trades to which rebates are applied) – P = TOTAL SAVINGS FROM KEYPAY TRADING COMMISSIONS

Total Value of KPY on Trades

Definition of Values

The .25% Trading Commission = .0025 of Total Trading volume

The 25% Rebate = .25 of Trading Commission


{.0025 of Total Trading Volume x .25}

DS3: P2P Lending Support

Keypay Commission on P2P Loan: 10% of total P2P Loan

1 KPY Rebate = 25% off commission for one (1) P2P Loan on the Keypay platform.

Rebate Benefits per Purchase

1 KPY Purchase = $1 = 25% of 4 / .10 (= “10% keypay trading commission”) = Total P2P Lending value of $40

meaning that of the 10 KPY bought for $1 in the sale, a cumulative P2P Loan value of $40 on up to ten P2P Loans on the Keypay platform is the minimum cumulative value of P2P Loans on the Keypay platform necessary for the KPY buyer to get their money back on the $1 paid for each bundle of 10 KPY.

SAVINGS on P2P Loan Commissions

To measure savings the KPY provides for P2P Loan commissions, we have to first determine the total discount in $ that the KPY purchaser achieves from using the rebates on P2P Loan commissions.

Total Discount on P2P Loan Commissions

KPY Purchase Price P x 4 / .10 x (Total Value of P2P Loans the rebates are used for) = Total Discount on P2P Loan Commissions

(NOTE: we multiplied the purchase price by 4 to reflect the 25% rebate which each KPY provides)

Total Savings from P2P Loan Rebates

4P / .10 x (Total D Value of P2P Loans to which purchaser applies KPY rebates) – P = TOTAL SAVINGS FROM REBATES PURCHASED WITH KPY

(NOTE: P remains total price of KPY purchased)

Total Value of KPY on P2P Loans

Defined values .10 of Total P2P Loan Value = Commission on P2P Loan .25 of P2P Loan Commission = the value of the REBATE


{.10 of Total P2P Loan Value x .25}


Total Discount from KPY Rebates

IF $1 = 10 KPY = 10 total rebates

AND R = KPY Rebate of 25% of a Designated Service commission

AND 4R = the total commission

AND .10 = the P2P Loan Commission of 10% that the Keypay platform charges

AND .0025 = the Trading Support Commission of .25% charged by the Keypay platform


4R / .10 x (cumulative value of P2P loans on the Keypay platform that the rebates are applied to) + 4R / .0025 x (cumulative volume of trades on the Keypay platform that the rebates are applied to)


Total Savings from KPY Rebates


KPY Value to Buyer

If trading commissions are .25% and P2P Loan Commissions are 10%, and the rebate is 25% , THEN:


{.1 LV x .25 + .0025 TV x .25 -P = TOTAL SAVINGS}

LV being Total P2P Loan Value; TV being Total Trading Volume; P being KPY Purchase Price

Define Your Discount

KPY rebate tokens can be applied arbitrarily at the discretion of the owner across the range of the two DS Trading Support and P2P Loan Support.

{KPY Utility Value = the median value of the rebate = the cumulative currency value of the rebates divided by the amount of rebates that were used on the Keypay DS}



What is P2P Lending?

P2P Lending is an increasingly attractive investment product for those looking for superior alternatives to investment products that banks and large financial institutions normally offer.

P2P Lending Process

P2P Lending refers to the process of Peer-to-Peer lending, where a private investor acts as lender, and lends to an individual borrower for mutually beneficial loan terms.

The Problem

While many investors seek investment options besides just what their banks have to offer, finding someone to lend money to in a licensed environment can be a time-consuming and even costly task, especially for a private investor whom just seeks to start earning return on his investment as soon as possible.

The P2P Lending Solution

Professionally licensed P2P lending platforms come in extremely handy.

These platforms fill a void by bringing investor demand together with borrower demand by providing the mechanisms and qualification procedures to enable investors as lenders and borrowers seeking better terms than at the bank to meet and fill each other’s complementary needs.

Individual Loan Levels

Even the most casual online search reveals a baseline of $500 is enough for a beginning investor to start earning ROI via P2P Loans.

P2P Loans generally range from $500-$300,000.

Recent history of P2P Loans stretches back to 2012, where the median P2P Loan size was $12,000

Market Outlook

The P2P Lending Market is growing fast. The strong growth experienced over the last few years is not expected to slow any time soon.

The industry is currently growing at a rate of 17% a year and is due to reach $312.6bn in total market cap for 2020.

Sources of Future Growth

P2P lending is particularly popular in developed markets, but the utility of P2P lending in undeveloped markets cannot be ignored: some 90 percent of the globe's population of young people live in undeveloped countries today, where access to conventional financial services and banking and lending institutions is considerably limited.

Business versus Consumer Shares

Business P2P lending comprises some 70% of the market. The P2P business market alone is expected to reach $219.1bn by the end of this year 2020, with consumer P2P lending expected to reach $93.5bn.

Global P2P Lending Market Leaders

The most dominant developed countries in the alternative finance P2P market are the two financial leaders of the global market: China and the US, whom together make up 95% of the P2P lending market.

China Factor

Online P2P lending platforms in market dominator China generated an estimated 965 million yuan in turnover across 343 P2P platforms used by more than 7.2 million private lenders last year, with loans on average repaid in full in under 15 and half months.

China Market History

In 2012, the average interest rate on a P2P Loan in China stood at 24 percent.

Other Leading Markets

Other developed markets experiencing strong P2P Lending growth include the UK (third); followed by Switzerland, Denmark and Spain.

P2P Platform Advantages

P2P Loans are known to provide credit far faster and without the paperwork of traditional banks; alternative lending platforms turnaround times are benchmarked at no more than 24 hours to approve loan requests. P2P platforms also commonly have their own qualification process for both borrowers and investors before they meet or are matched.

Borrower Benefits

While lenders seek to make more interest on better loans and terms, the benefits for borrowers of P2P lending include convenience and lower costs.

P2P platforms also commonly offer borrowers lower interest rates than on conventional debt such as credit cards and unsecured bank loans.

Investor Benefits

Investors can enjoy: passive income; diversification of exposure across multiple borrowers; direct face-to-face access to the borrowers to strike more friendly and adapted deals which lower instances of default; and higher interest rates on lending than in the conventional space in a time in which official interest rates are lower than ever.


The global peer-to-peer (P2P) lending market size is rising at a CAGR for the next five years research estimates to range from 29.7 percent to 50.2%, driven by accelerating fintech technological advances supporting lending processes.

Global P2P Lending Marke

The value of the GLOBAL peer-to-peer lending market was $64bn in 2015 and is projected to $1 trillion in 2025.


We all have heard of cryptocurrency, but we don’t necessarily know why it is used and liked.

Cryptocurrency Benefits

Cryptocurrency is built on blockchain technology, which allows it to be transacted at almost lightning speed with minimal costs of transactions that are fully transparent because all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on public ledgers.

The Market

The cryptocurrency exchange market is truly cut and dry.

A glance across the top of the coin market cap web page will provide the total market cap of the cryptocurrency market at any given moment.

Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market cap at the time of writing July 18, 2020 across over 23,000 total markets and 5,754 total cryptocurrencies was $272,393,205,043 in total value, with 24h trading Volume of $46,166,501,138 (equaling the amount of crypto traded in world in the previous day, with cryptomarket open 24 hours a day) with (important) BTC at 62.0%.

The cryptocurrency market itself was valued at USD 856.36 Billion for 2018 with robust growth projected in the form of an 11.9% CAGR from 2019-2024.

A Word About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that was proven to act as a virtual trade asset with a tangible value confirmed through exchange with fiat.

BTC's volatile growth has stabilized considerably since it was introduced to the open market, as any historical Bitcoin performance chart will reveal.

A Word about Keypay

Keypay is harnessing the future of fintech by adapting diverse alternative finance applications to superior blockchain technology.

Keypay provides both blockchain-based banking systems and cryptocurrency platform services to customers.

Keypay is a pioneer in blockchain-based banking technology.


Keypay has an overall subscriber base of 50-100,000 subscribers across it’s social media channels that is growing fast; driven by a Telegram Group of over 1000 active users; an Instagram following of almost 4000; over 1000 LinkedIn business followers; 3000 Twitter followers; approximately 5000 views per Youtube video posted (including 15000+ of Keypay’s booth at Barcelona Trade Conference 2019); and over 1000 regular subscribers to the Keypay YouTube channel.

Keypay is currently fully immersed in a professional social media and influencer campaign to expand.