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Moti Berman holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Derby Founder and owner of Atech ATechnology Services Ltd. Currently serves as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development in an Israeli company dealing in the field of index and commodity currencies and algorithmic trading. And advertising in all media. Has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and business development. He has developed systems in the Blockchain field for over two years, mainly trading systems and financial liquidity.

Moti berman
Founder & CTO

Experienced executive-level hands-on manager, result-driven, with extensive Business, R&D and Startup experience.
Build, lead, and direct vision, strategy and direction to achieve business goals. I have a passion to drive innovation.
Specialized in development, delivery and maintenance of software solutions, from concept to product.
Excellent team and organizational leadership. Building, mentoring, motivating and collaborating in a multi-site engineering team. Strong experience in startups and global companies including managing global and remote teams.
Excellent analysis skills and thorough understanding of business drivers and competitive advantages of organizations.
Experienced in a global multi-culture environment.
Proven abilities in identifying new market trends and translating needs into technological requirements.

I hold an MBA and B.Sc. from Ben-Gurion University

Giyora Ran
CEO Co-Funder

CPA, senior corporate finance and accounting executive, Budget analytics, International accounting practices (IFRS), cost efficiency expert, international Tax planning, ERP implementation.
Played a leadership role in the Fintech industry with a sharp eye on the business backend ecosystem. A very focused on customers and employees needs with a believe one must over deliver on any promise.

Tsahi Edelson

A digital innovation expert, who successfully combines business and technology know-how that support corporate goals. Excels at sourcing, identifying and tailoring innovative technology solutions to business needs, through creative strategic partnerships with start-ups and tech companies. Hands-on experience in managing complex digital projects and promoting digital transformation in large, traditional organizations. Strategic thinker, business and customer oriented.
Specialties: #digital innovation, #digital strategy, #digital transformation, #digital banking, #payments, #omni-channel customer journey, CRM, change management in the Finance, Pharma and Travel industries.

Udi Cohen
Chief Product Strategy

Serial entrepreneur with long track records in senior executive positions; business development, leading multidisciplinary teams, budgeting; lead fundraising endeavors, strategies and market analysis, leading R&D regulatory and reimbursement teams and activities.
Passionate about conducting market research and business development in an innovative environment.
proven track record in: Forming local & international strategic collaborations
Executing multidisciplinary R&D projects & Fundraising

Gilad Eniy
Chief Strategy Officer

Experienced Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operation Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology and services, Medical, Pharma and Security industry. CEO-founder at innovation start-up, highly skilled in Business Process Design, Management, Pre-sales, Business Intelligence, and Scrum. A strong business development professional with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused on High-Tech Companies Management Program.

Vast experience in a variety of roles and industries, with a macro and micro perspective.
Rapidly Identifying Core Issues (KPI's), quick entry to the core business and as a result, a rapid contribution to improving leading metrics and the overall value.
A reality change expert, generating positive momentum and addressing barriers to success.

Sagi Shroyt

Danny Wirken, a Dutch Citizen with over 25 years of experience in the IT&T business management. A serial entrepreneur and business manager with in-depth knowledge of IT, Internet, and cloud services, cryptocurrencies, financial and strategic planning, P&L, budget development and management, merger and acquisition negotiations, business valuations.

Danny Wirken

Amir Levy is a digital marketing person, coach and consultant, consultant and training in marketing in social media
Expert in building marketing systems for companies and businesses.Amir is a certified electrician engineer (Bsh Technion 2002), an officer and reserve instructor (captain), father of three, and married to Kinneret Levy. He received attention deficit disorders combined with hyperactivity.He advises business clients on the subject of developing marketing processes, as well as search engine optimization, media and social expert Facebook. And how to integrate the digital media with each other and especially with the physical world.Amir is a recognized lecturer in government ministries and companies on digital marketing.

Amir Levy

Shai Maman is a long standing entrepreneur as well as an international businessman. 
Founder of Colbo Kerur Maman 1991, a leading importer of components used at the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. 
Founder of Cupro, an international trading company engaged at the AC&R industry. 
Founder of MyFreeMarket, a social startup which was the worldwide first international supermarket service, combined with the first ever low cost courier service. 
Founder of several environmental startups, such as Kenaf Industries which was engaged at the production of plant based fiber substitutes, and GreenSurf which was engaged at the production of durable surfboards made of unpollutant substances. 

Shai Maman